Different year, same shit (but w/ more snow)

aaaaaaa. So I’ve been back for 2 days and I’m already more tired than I was before the break. I’m totally overwhelmed w/ homeworks and work, it’s scary. I know, i should have studied during the break, but … break means what it means right? BREAK, break from the crap you have to do. So I don’t regret doing absolutly nothing school or work related the past 2 weeks. But now I’m paying the price I guess. The worst part is having to leave älskling…again… 😦  and this time we have no date to look forward to…none of us has a plane ticket yet, I’m not sure when I’ll have time off again and he is looking for a job in Sverige, not the best time to take a break…  😦

cimg9412weirdly enough we didn’t have a single snow flake in Sweden and since i got home on sunday night it’s been snowing here ! and it stays ! and of course, everything got fucked up. Trains are late or canceled (what a surprise !), planes stopped flying, water pipes froze… it’s 2009, 2 snow flakes and the country is at war. It’s so pathetic. How do Canada, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Finland do??? Do they actually stop living as soon as the winter arrives? I DON’T THINK SO !!!!!


2 thoughts on “Different year, same shit (but w/ more snow)

  1. Aww, I’m the same with school work. I can’t bring myself to do any when I have a break. Hopefully you’ll get back on track!

    I suppose here in Norway (and other countries used to it) we expect snow, and a lot of it, year after year, so we have ways of taking care of it. People are employed to drive trucks that shovel the snow away, and people are used to driving on snow… you have the right clothes, etc. However, I wish snow was a rarer thing like in middle or southern Europe, and we didn’t have so much of it. Ugh.

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