and the light was gone…



So today i stayed home…such a wonderful feeling to wake up by yourself (at 10) . Around 1pm i went down to the crêperie cause I promised my (ex) boss I’ll show him the group someone created on Facebook about their restaurant 🙂 it’s like their own little fan club they were super happy 🙂 and as a thank you they offered me lunch (was actually breakfast for me) 2 yummy crêpes (orange jam,  home made chocolate and caramel ) so one more meal at a restaurant for this week !

Around 4pm, i was on the phone med älskling and suddenly the electricity died. No lights, no internet, no phone, no gas, nothing….it started to get boring around 6 when it gets totally dark… and while mom and I were diving into old boxes to find candles it came back as suddenly as it left. Weird. I accuse the strike. Like my dear friend Sasha said when i told her about the strike ” ah yes, a strike, it must be a day that ends in y”    🙂

3 thoughts on “and the light was gone…

  1. Oh, crepes are so lovely. I wish we had them here…. I plan on getting my own crepe pan so that I can make them myself as they are so delicious.

    I hope you’re doing okay, girlie.

  2. Answer: Hi!
    It is a chocolate meringue, of you wonder 🙂

    If you want, you can translate my blog, if you just look down a little on my blog. Its a “Google”-icon, there you can choose your language 🙂

    Hugs from Fanny 🙂

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