I night 4 girls 2 restaurants



annnd full again. I went out w/ Delph Clotilde and Aude the 2 girls who went to Arkansas the year after us. It was such a nice evening reminincing, laughing & eating ! We ate lebanese food, a first for me and then since we were not satisfied w/ the desserts offered we drove to another restaurant and had awesome waffles !!!

We also planned a little for sunday morning, we  have to pick Cody up at the airport w/ 4 other americans and we have 2 small cars…now idea where we’re gonna put everyone and everyone’s luggages…gonna be FUN. 


4 thoughts on “I night 4 girls 2 restaurants

  1. Answer: OK 🙂
    You are good at Swedish, and i hope you understand me when I right on English. Im not so good at English, but im only 12 years old soo.. thats why 😀

    So you not live in Sweden now? But next year you are going to live here with you boyfriend? 😀

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