crazy day

meeeI had to take  Mary, Keisha and Jilian (the 3 americans girls who spent the night at my place before their dorms opened) to my old university this morning so they could get their keys and meet up w/ the teacher. But we got a  huge surprise when we got up. It was snowing and had obviously been snowing for a while !  Like i already mentionned, France is not good w/ snow, and this morning was no different, we just couldn’t get out of the house, cars where everywhere on the street not moving forward or backward. it took us almost 1h to get there when it usually takes 15 minutes !!  (thank god mom was nice enough to drive us) Then we had to carry their 30 kilos bags (2 each) up to the billion stairs to reach the cafeteria. After that I went to Mary’s dorms and waited w/ her until she got her keys and stuff. I can’t believe the woman working there didn’t speak a word of english. France freaks me out sometimes. Anyway, I missed spanish class and arrived late at my geopolitic class…. oupsy. But I really couldn’t let them take the bus for their first day !!!  I remembered my first days at ASU 2 years ago…i think all i wanted was to be alone, cry and call my mom lol



One thought on “crazy day

  1. Well, that was so nice of you! You could be an ambassador of France!

    Enjoy the snow! If it snowed in Texas, I would get to stay home, because everything just completely shuts down! I wish it would snow so I could stay home and read in front of the fire in my pajamas!

    BTW, you and I must have lived in Arkansas at the same time. I lived there from August of 2005 to December of 2006, in Hot Springs.

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