back in time…

yesterday we went to a bar w/ Cody, Andrew, Jilian, Keisha, Catherine and some other internationals  …it was super nice. But somehow it brought back all my memories from when I was an international student…i felt a little sad when i had to leave. I live so far away from the dorms and I  m soo busy during the week…I won’t get to spend as much time as I wished w/ my friend. But…it’s already so cool that he could come… 




We stayed at Cody’s room for 15 min and discovered that the dudes who lived there before had special  tastes in decoration….but Cody said he didn’t mind peeing facing german soccer players…coming from a straight rugby fan.. it was unexpected.  🙂 

This morning, im off till 1pm so i get to chill a little..yeah i guess I should study..but..i figured…what’s the hell?


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