Dancing Queen


Or, when the cat is away the mice will play.  in that particular case I’ll be the mouse. My boss is away…he’ll be the cat.

I got to sit in his chair and use his phone…i felt so powerful .. for 5 minutes. Damn his chair is comfortable !

Today was… not too bad i guess considering it was work. 

It rained like crazy for 4 hours in a row i felt like back in Arkansas in the fall…except less fun.

This weekend I learned I was totally  “IN” musicwise… but more about that later…


8 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. Haha, lek på säger jag. Bara ha koll på när han kommer tillbaka.

    Ser i din presentation att du är i Frankrike? Skoj! Jag är en liten frankofil och ovan ser jag att vi även har USA gemensamt, däremot har jag aldrig bott i Arkansas. En snabbvisit i Little Rock det är allt. Hur hamnade du där? Supernyfiken!

    Kram Mia

  2. Really? wow that is like soo christmas for sweden. I can’t believe no one gave you a few. You missed out on something ! you sould complain haha..
    who come you celebrated xmas there? =)

  3. Jag ser att du skriver på engelskamen har fått svar på svenska, så jag utgår från att du kanske tom är svensk?Härligt när chefen är borta, hihi!Ha en fin fortsättning på dagen!

  4. Oh, that must be a huge power boost!

    I completely understand that you want to spend time with your boyfriend… you don’t see each other that often! I was just thinking since we’d be pretty close (where I am is 1 hour from Malmö).
    Ah, well, my first day in the school I’ll be teaching in was nice, but there was too much information for one day, haha.

  5. Oh I’m so sorry, I though you were swedish! But you know you basically understood what I said. Are you american or french? Est-ce que je dois écrire en francais?
    I was just saying that I studied in Montpellier and am such a francophile. And I’ve also travelled alot in the US but I never lived in Arkansas, however I did make a pitstop in Little Rock.


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