meanwhile, in CareBear world

old-pulla quick post before älskling comes out of the shower and before my battery dies.  

As usual being here is like stepping out of the real world for a little while and entering the magic carebear world…

Spent the day in bed watching old episodes of Dawson’s creek…..I know..

activity of the day: a chocolate cake has been baked and a bowl has totally been licked. 

älskling’s mom’s friend got rid of a lot of clothes and i totally took some.

Like this old sweater that just screams “wear me while being in front of a fire drinking hot chocolate”


7 thoughts on “meanwhile, in CareBear world

  1. Haha, yeah! I noticed!
    I kinda wrote that according to russian scientists you can eat one raspberry a week and stay out of colds. Because evidently there is a matter in raspberries that stops them.
    Sounds great ey?!

  2. Oh, well, spending the day with your boyfriend will be great, I’m sure 🙂 I’m here until the third of April if you’d come back by then…

    Mmm, a chocolate cake sounds lovely and lazy days in bed are the best, really. Your new old sweater looks nice and cozy 🙂

  3. How sweet! How come you guys chose Arkansas? That’s pretty different.
    For me, I don’t care. I need to practice my french, you may want to practise your swedish and I’m fluent and so are you apparently in english. So you pick! 🙂 Or we can take turns..:)

    Hope you have a great weekend here in Sweden!

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