this is for my good friend Delph.


Because boys are stupid sometimes.*

Because they hurt us most of the time.*

Because we love them way too much.

Because they don’t know how to love us.*

Because girls do it better.

*(ookey this does not apply to my älskling 🙂  )


6 thoughts on “boys

  1. Haha, that is quite true! And those badges are extremely cute too.

    I hope you are enjoying your week and that it isn’t too stressful for you!

  2. Too cute. I love the simple illustrations, and the fun playground complaints about boys. They should have one that says “Ew, Boy Germs!”

    So cute!

  3. BOYS ARE STUPID ….THROW ROCKS AT THEM!!!!!!! ahahah thanksssss my pussy !! 😉 i swear im gonna buy those badges one day!!!!


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