working girl

gosh im so tired. so

Days at work are crazy busy lately

Big event is D – 19

Overhelmed and so stressed is my state of mind

Stupid meeting almost made me miss Idol last night

Can’t wait for vacations…

Not before 56 days..


I counted.

6 thoughts on “working girl

  1. I think those 56 days will pass by a lot faster than you think! Spring will be here soon, and then everything’s easier.

    I love your glasses!

  2. Tu travailles avec quoi?

    Ah, c’est bon que tu l’as compris car c’était un défit mais assez drôle. A lovebomd! 🙂

  3. I like that photo! That’s you? You’re so pretty!

    Poor you – work stress is the worst, because it’s not just you, it’s your workplace and reputation and livelihood. I am sure it will all go well.

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