March 8th..women’s day….

dsc00367..meaning what?  we get one day and the 364 other days are for the dudes?

…meaning what? we get a day like  HIV, like Europe…. lost causes?… 

…meaning it’s a joke

…a bone they gave us to gnaw on..

… I celebrate by going to the movie…

…today I celebrate Gays’ rights and watch Harvey Milk


7 thoughts on “March 8th..women’s day….

  1. I don’t really understand what you mean exactly. Over here the women’s day means highlighting ways in which women and men don’t have equal rights, and showing solidarity towards women who are oppressed and so on…

    I’m not much of an activist myself, but I do think this is an important day.

  2. You’re absolutely right but like that it’s kind of good cause it makes you aware of that. We are far from equal, I mean if anyone wants to talk discrimination than we, girls, can beat every minority beause we have always in history, everywhere around the world and in all cultures always been discriminated.

  3. It’s also kind of ironic that it coincides with the celebrations of Barbie’s birthday – not the most feminist icon…

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