I’m searching for the light…

I bought a Framberry today (or here)…

I was feeling so sad..I didn’t even felt like eating it…

I guess it’s a clear sign of how crappy today was…

If I had absolutly no self esteem I would tell you I cried at work today… nobody saw me thank God…


OK. Enough about complaining posts…

today my boss got me a 50euros Coupon to spend at La Fnac (our Virgin)

What a lovely gesture, to thank me for my participation at the big event on monday.

At least someone thinks im useful 🙂 

6 days till älskling and 172 days till freedom


14 thoughts on “I’m searching for the light…

  1. I’ve no idea what either La Fnac or Virgin is, but this whole thing sounds like fun! hope it brightened your day a bit!

  2. Friends is SOO the best. Man I can’t look at it and not laugh out loud SO hard haha… Love is the word for it 😀

    Hope your sadness goes away !! take care

  3. thank you girl:)

    aww, i feel sad for you, i hope whatever it is, that it will be ok, and that you will feel better soon. did it help to eat the framberry?? i hope so 🙂

    that was nice done of your boss, i guess you are good at your work then, that is a good reasons to be more happy! 🙂


  4. Oh no! Crying at work? I am glad no one saw you. I hate it when that happens. I remember coming out of the ladies room at work with puffy eyes a few times and making up a story about a bug flying in there, hehehe. I hope that you feel better!

    What a nice boss!

  5. I love that gym. It’s very nice, I most say.. and there’s a very nice guy there too haha… 😉

    Yepp. you’re right; Friends will always cheer you up, no matter what ! Enjoy 🙂

  6. hey.. hope you are feeling better.. I was too tied up the last one week.. just found out that we are springswap partners. why don’t you send me an email on swgupta@gmail.com with your address… and I’ll reply to it and send you mine 🙂
    waiting for your email 🙂

  7. Ben alors ? On a une petite baisse de forme ?

    La photo est super en tout cas.

    Et j’avais même pas fait gaffe que tu m’avais tagué dans un précédent post… oh la loose…

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