follow someone’s wisdom for once…

blue-rubanit’s 7 pm.

I studied the whole day.

I don’t wanna write another depressing post

so I’ll just advise you this post

from my Spring swap partner

that I found so lovely and so true…



eventhough we all know we won’t be able to follow it and we will make thousands of mistakes in our lives…

today i’m wearing my smurf t-shirt

and i’m trying all i can to keep my hair off my face

oh and one more thing, remember today at 8.30 pm it’s earth hour 


8 thoughts on “follow someone’s wisdom for once…

  1. cute photo, love yor hair 🙂

    THanks, hehe.. yeah i love my bag. Readers had asked if i could show them what i have in my bag, so that is why i had the videopost, hehe.

    it was dark here yesterday under earth-hour. so many remembered it, it is good 🙂 it should be every night actually..

  2. I’ve already seen this Wear Sunscreen thing on another blog and I loved it so much! Anyway, you look lovely! And still, it’s ok to make mistakes… coz I suppose we can’t avoid it:)

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