sunday was sunny….I heard.

what a lovely weekend.fleur

what a lie.

I went out once to buy a baguette and some croissants

I spent the whole weekend writing either about chinese women or inequalities in France

it’s monday soon and i feel i didn’t any of the thing i really wanted to to

like sleep, paint my nails, go for a walk or bake cookies…

It was sunny today, i could feel it thru the windows…

Is Spring really here? 


9 thoughts on “sunday was sunny….I heard.

  1. I’m sorry you feel like that – I often feel like I miss out on the things I want to do… I suppose mostly because I am too lazy and don’t get them done.

    I’m enjoying Sweden a lot, thank you. It’ll be a bit sad to leave it soon…

  2. Oh thank u hun ! 🙂 yea, the beach boys will never go out of style 😛
    What a lovel, springy picture ! Hope the spring is there to stay 🙂

  3. Nice photo, you are so cute. It snowed here for 2 days ago, but the sun almost melted it all yesterday.. but it is still very cold here even if it’s actually spring.. doesnt feel like spring yet.

    the weekend goes by to fast, i agree.
    im off to school now,
    have a nice day!! 🙂

  4. Ah ah ! Pareil que toi tous les dimanches! Je me couche en me disant “Arg j’ai rien fait de ce que je voulais faire” alors qu’au début du week end, toutes les petites choses que j’ai envie de faire me mettent de super bonne humeur!

  5. Spring is lovely… It’s still lots of snow here in Norway, but the sun has finally arrived:) So I hope the snow will be gone soon! Looking forward to stroll around in my ballerina shoes again:)

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