While i’m gone…

lunette-1Älskling arrives tomorrow night

Needless to say I won’t study a thing while he’s here

And i won’t have so much time to blog either…

Pauline mentionned them in a cute note today…

So i felt like wearing them…

Really need to adjust them to my sight though…

Today I sent away my package for the springswap…to INDIA !

Tonight..Idol at my friend Gui…

I should be studying, i know, but guess what, im 22 and i need to live first.  

älkling arrive demain soir, je m’arrête donc de travailler et de blogger pour quelques jours…envie de ressortir mes lunettes verte et bleue après ton post…faut que je les fasse ajuster à ma vue…Paquet pour le SpringSwap envoyé..en INDE…et ce soir IDOL 🙂   

Don’t forget about me while i’m gone, I’ll be thinking of you 😉  

13 thoughts on “While i’m gone…

  1. hihi thanx. yea, it’s a squirrel- but it wasn’t so big though.. kind of like a normal-sized one 😛 but there were plenty of them ! so cute 😛
    Have fun with your älskling 🙂

  2. How lovely that your boyfriend is coming! I hope that you’ll have a wonderful time with him.

    Yes, it feels a bit sad to leave Sweden so soon… I really like it here.

  3. wow! well then, I’m sure you’ll have a great time! I wouldn’t bother about studying either if I were you:)
    PS looove the glasses!:D

  4. What fun glasses, I love them!

    I can’t wait to see what you gave your swap partner and what she gives you! I sent mine too. This will be fun! Email me a link to your post about it when you have one up and I will link to it on my blog.

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