If you get that, you’re french

This won’t mean anything to anyone, except April 22 and Pauline or any french person lost on this page…

Yesterday evening we were taking a strawberry margarita at Indiana in Paris

Suddenly älskling said “is this dude famous or what? people take pictures of him!”

So i put my glasses on and went “HELL YEAH!” 

I had, 3 tables away from me, my friends and I’s humour GOD, the one who made a movie that is our Bible.

                                                   I called everyone, of course no one answered.                                                                           

When i finally talked to someone they told me to go for it…

So i did


Alain Chabat & me 🙂 



9 thoughts on “If you get that, you’re french

  1. I’m not French and I don’t know a lot about Alain Chabat either, but – WOW! You’ve got me under impression anyway:)

  2. I must admit I don’t know who he is. But yay anyway! It’s always fun to meet the people you’ve always wanted to speak to. Thanks for the comment 🙂 xx

  3. OH! FAMOUS PEOPLE! dont know who he is but it’s really exciting to meet people you look up to.

    Hope your your Swede are having fun! I had to leave mine behind at the airport this morning, with pain in my heart and tears in my eyes (oh, the cheese). Won’t see him for 3 weeks now…

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