Breakfast in America…

dsc04255Monday was älskling’s bday, so Grattis på födelsedagen 😉

We all met at the really cool place, breakfast in america   

Had a blast

And a HUGE pancake that i drowned in maple sirop…

I’m such a bad blogger lately, but being lazy med älskling is just too much fun !

19 thoughts on “Breakfast in America…

  1. Ah super, tiens…
    Pas eu le temps de déjeuner à midi et maintenant… j’ai faimmmmm. Pfffffffffff, pas cool!

  2. I think I wouldn’t bother with blogging much either if I was in your place!:D anyway, this pancake looks delicious:D

  3. Oh that looks absolutely scrumptious! I wonder if pancakes at 10.25 at night will be ok on my stomach? 🙂

    PS – did you and Sweta get your swaps yet?

  4. oh that looks oh so very yummy
    and the yellow shoes in your previous post are beyond gorgeous! You’re so very lucky 😀

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