Easter was full of Chocolate !


at least my belly was.

I can’t believe i ate that much.

I can’t believe I still want some.

I’m still not quite sure why we got chocolate for Jesus’ resurrection, but fine by me !   

It was a 3 day weekend and it felt GOOOOOD

I can’t remember last time I woke up at 10 w/ älskling, had breakfast at 12 and read and read and read for hours…

This beautiful egg came all the way from Sweden !

4 thoughts on “Easter was full of Chocolate !

  1. Joli l’oeuf suédois…

    Moi je croule littéralement sous les kilos de choc qu’on m’a offert cette année. C’est super gentil mais l’overdose guette.

    Et c’est vrai que 3 jours les doigts de pied en éventail… quel pied!

  2. Haha thx 🙂 Oooh stupid that you don’t go to the sea often..!
    And mmmm I’m also eating a lot of chocolate these days 🙂 x

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