I’m spoiled.

manteau1It was älskling’s bday but somehow I got presents too !

First, our friend Cody got älskling a really cool present, one of those coupons thing that allows you to pick an acticity (like jump w/ a parachute, spend a night in an igloo…) 

and he got one for me so we can do it together !! SO NICE!

I’m so excited, we need to decide what to do now ! (I’m secretly hoping for the night in an igloo but I don’t think älskling is up for it…then again, he’s a swede, he spent his whole life in an igloo)

Then, from älskling, I got really cute earings, and a grey coat, cause according to him, “Grey looks great on me”

If you say so dear 😉


4 thoughts on “I’m spoiled.

  1. He gave me some clues along the way.. 😛 That’s how I got it.. hihi
    Naah, well they are gonna select the best clip- which will be on tv- and I have a feeling mine won’t be it haha..
    I liked it ! I mean, it’s so hard to think anthing about it- it’s like, u have to go there one day too see everything- but it’s not like “that” special, ya know.. I mean, hollywood boulevard is a place u go too once- and then u’ve done it.. kind of 😛

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