what do you care about?

Im about to go do a bloodtest…

some would freak out just thinking about the needle… 

But all i really care about  is


Which one?

update: turns out, no blood test today, i totally forgot you were not supposed to eat before those things…oupsy!


8 thoughts on “what do you care about?

  1. Where can I get those amazing shoes?! We’re going to have to start doing a transatlantic clothing exchange. French shoes for American Eagle.

  2. The ones to the far left! They are amazingly cute ^^


    Thank you! And yes he likes my blog so much more now haha! xD

  3. I LOVE the pair furthest left 😀
    I’ve never had a blood test before.. but I would like to find out what blood type I am!

  4. Well it really does depend on what colour you’re wearing up top if you want to be all “matchy-matchy” about things.. But I think the yellow ones are cute 😉


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