My lovely Sash

sashMy dearest friend Sash went to a play last night

she send me a pic of her dress she bought years ago in Denmark

she wasn’t so sure about it anymore

She looked so cute  i asked her to send a “ready” pic so i could post it here !

I miss her really much and wish we were living closer

 not separated by the ocean….


5 thoughts on “My lovely Sash

  1. Hihi yea.. I’m enjoying eveything so much right now ! but soon- back to reality ;P
    Your friend looked really cute ! Very nice dress 🙂
    Hope ur doing good ! 🙂

  2. *RE*

    Tihi ^^ Yeah you can eat them ofc! 😀 I just dont know if they’re good anymore so I don’t wanna risk it 😛 Im just keeping em here on my desk to look at them cuz they’re pretty (until they start to rot) :/

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