“When I’m sick I just stop being sick and be awesome instead”

True Story….


That’s what would say Barney from How I met your Mother

I wish it would be that simple

But it’s not and I feel really bla

But still, i decided on playing w/ my grandma’s painting

I love how it’s the exact same shade of colors as my glasses…    

thanks a lot for your “get well” messages, it means a lot

Being bored, i studied some svenska, so here a today’s words :



23 thoughts on ““When I’m sick I just stop being sick and be awesome instead”

  1. Thanks 🙂
    Ohh, it really sucks you being sick, ey ! I really really hope you’ll become better and can enjoy the weather !!
    How cool is that pic, btw ! Love it 🙂

  2. Bra blogg! å snygg bild!

    Kolla min för ngt extraordninary 😉
    you won’t regret it (:

    Bilder, film, tips, outlet, skitsnack.

  3. hello, what an wonderful blog you have 🙂 do you have an swedish boyfriend ore something and that is why you’re studing swedish? 🙂

  4. hihi good ;P
    Yeas I’m glad I am ok too, and the other driver- wow I would have felt to quilty if the other driver was hurt. :S

    Take care- and hope you get out of your sickness !

  5. Sweetie, you look fabulous in this picture. I love your facial expression, the fact that it looks like you’re floating in the air, and your outfit. Lovely. Did your grandmother paint that? It looks so nice.

  6. Is that you? OMG you’re so cute. Love the cardi and your glasses!

    But I think you should keep your bad handwriting. What makes it special isn’t wether or not it’s pretty or ugly but rather that it is unique.

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Ah, j’adore cette photo “renversante”…
    Et en + c’est cool t’as pas trop l’air malade. Ça va mieux???

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