hell yeah you do !

valentinaramos_fys_small2I was feeling a little down tonight, lots of homeworks (so why are you blogging right?) and stupid fights w/ family… So i checked blogs that makes me smile, and the lovely wishwishwish advised a very cute site about art….where i found this one….

i just want this academic year to be over, i wanna go to Seattle to visit my Sash, i wanna move to Malmö to be w/ älskling…


11 thoughts on “hell yeah you do !

  1. Yes, I figured- I have so much to be thankful for, really- so why not appreciate it !
    Thats a good piece of art, indeed ! And aw, I really hope u get through this year easily !!
    take care

  2. good to hear that you got shared up by that blog, the blog you mentioned is so cute!! 🙂

    hope you’ll have a great day, and good week!!

  3. you are very sweet!

    i can very much relate to drowning in homework. it can be quite demoralizing!

    i would love to go to sweden too.

    i work in a store called kikki.k and all of the product is of swedish design. it has made me fall in love with sweden!

    chelsea jade.

  4. oh so cute :)!!

    and we know how you feel, we’re swamped with tidal waves of assignments and just can’t wait for this last year of high school is just be done with !!

    your blog is great, keep it up!

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