“HAPPY US” day









I would normally not go on about älskling, first of all cause i don’t think he would appreciate it and then cause i don’t think so much people care…. but today is different. Today is our “happy us day”, we’ve been going back and forth between France and Sverige for 2 years ! 










20 thoughts on ““HAPPY US” day

  1. do you know how incredible that is! I guess that first kiss didn’t traumatize you that much..:)
    Anyway félicitations – it’s beautiful and makes me believe that there really is such a thing as true love.

  2. oh I understand 🙂 english is so much easier to learn because they speak that all that time. And congratulations !

  3. Wooow! congratulations! 😀
    you look very happy togehter (:

    very cute pictures! x

  4. Congrats!
    Well for lunch, I’ll have an “August 2007 Dave” with some extra onions please!
    Have a great time!
    See you when you’ll come back, Wanda is waiting for you!

  5. Wow congrats!! You look so sweet together. Hope you’re having loads of fun in Sverige. I’m going back the 20th. Then Danny and I have our 6 month anniversary!

  6. Oh congratz so much! I live in Malmö too, but I’ve been missing out on the awesome weather since I’m in Holland visiting my boyfriend. I know how hard it is to travel that far distance but it’s worth it eh? ^^

  7. Could you two be anymore beautiful together? It’s like a Calvin Klein ad with every pic of you two!

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