here comes the sun…





Been in Sweden for a day and I feel i already got a tan…

The weather is amazing

the countryside is so colorful

and Malmö has a new shopping center…

Vi älskar Sverige 😉










weather was ok in Paris on thursday so i got the nerves to actually wear a dress to class… my red “winter” dress from urban outfiters that cost more than i could afford, and a vintage green leather jacket my grandma gave me years ago…oh…and mom’s shoes 😉

btw girls, Ji Ji KiKi has a competition to win an adorable piece of jewellery, you should totally check it out

31 thoughts on “here comes the sun…

  1. Sounds soooooo nice, enjoy your travels and if you have time to pop into an igloo, let me know….I guess it’s not the right time of year:)

  2. HAha, yea, I do my own photoboots 😀 Much funnier 😛

    Oh, you almost make me miss Sweden ! Sounds lovely- Keep on having a great time !
    And also.. Gorgeous Pictures ! 🙂

  3. Oh wow, that dress is seriously perfect on you! You should wear it more – it fits you like a glove 🙂 Enjoy being in Sweden with your dear 🙂

  4. Ah is the weather great down in Malmö? Here it’s so and so… Doesn’t matter, heading to the gym so.

    Enjoy Sweden and the sweetheart! 🙂

  5. Ah, lovely weather in Norway as well.. i love spring!! you look so beautiful in that dress, love the whole outfit. the jacket and the shoes too!! 🙂

  6. thank you 🙂 it’s my graduation dress, I’m going out the swedish high school now, and next year I’m going to the “gymnasium”, so I think it’s important to have an nice dress =)

  7. Wouah, sexy girl. La tenue et les photos sont super jolis.

    Et tu reviendras plus en France alors ?

  8. No, no I’m not doing Chagalle… i’m just quoting a song by the Weepies 😛 Maybe I should have pu ” ” on it ;P

    I know ! Seriousy, how can you not notice you don’t have your shoes- or why leave them there ? I don’t get it.. that’s things I can get hocked on thinking about forever haha

  9. I’m jealous that you have your grandma and mum to choose from for your lovely outfit!

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