a life i Norden?

Talking appartments, new job and  new fournitures…it’s really fun and so cary at the same time… so “adult”…




but ONE thing i’m sure I’ll I’ll always enjoy here in Malmö is SHOPPING, all those malls and second hand shops…helloooo here i come.

Plus, an actual icecream truck stopped by 2 days ago, playing the little icecream truck music and all…it’s just like living in the 50’s !

just a short post cause it’s not my comp and it’s not my internet, we’re going on a 1 day cruise to Poland tomorrow, back saturday night. Can’t wait !!!!

ps: Crispin‘s been working 


12 thoughts on “a life i Norden?

  1. ohh, that’s a wonderful scentens, isn’t it ! permanent positive thinking ! Love it ! 🙂
    Have a wonderful trip, dear !!

  2. Shopping in Malmö is awesome – it’s a little bit like the Swedish equivalent to Brooklyn. I like that city so much more than Sthlm when it comes to shopping. Have you been to Lund yet? You have to go there too – so charming!

  3. Oh, being and adult is the scariest thing in the world. I’m turning 21 and I have no idea what to do with my life. lol. Anyway, thanks for the visit Mo. 🙂

  4. So “adult”, mais so plein de perspectives…

    Et le camion à glaces… j’adore !

  5. it seems like it is so many secondhandshops in sweden, there are some in norway too, but not so many as in sweden. it is so much fun with those stores!! good luck shopping, have fun :))

  6. are you going to move to Sweden ? =) Skåne is amazing on the summers, I live in the north part of Sweden but still.. wow. Those pictures, is it t-shirts? They were very cool (:

  7. the website of the swedish design store i work at is:


    the designers are all swedish but the store is based in australia.

    swedish design is beautiful and clean! i love it.

    as for wintertime experiences, i’ve only ever lived in pacific climes! so i’ve never really experienced more than a couple of days of snow after many hours of driving.

    i would love a swedish winter.

    but anyway, have a lovely time on your cruise!

    chelsea jade.

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