Remember when we had jump ropes?

How do you release the stress after an oral exam?


 by jumping around in your new pair of pants from Myrorna, a really cool second hand shop in Malmö, looking totally dumb 😉

just 2 exams to go 🙂

22 thoughts on “Remember when we had jump ropes?

  1. Oh I wish I could find a cool second hand-clothes shop but it’s a bit hard to find a decent one. I guess I just have to keep looking. *

  2. yeah, u spelled it right;D glad u enjoyed ur stay;) and wish u to go back here and have even more fun;D

    thx, i’ll sure be enjoying the longest holidays in my life probably;D haha;)))

    gosh, i totally love this picture of u;D it’s gr8;)))

    and good luck with your left exams;D


  3. I know, isn’t it ! I was so happy after that 😛
    Hey, what an amazing picture, love !! So happy ! And Myrorna is the best 😀

  4. My exams start in 3 weeks… and 4 of them are oral. Brrr.
    Good luck there in Paris 🙂 Summerholidayfeelings are the best. Thanks voor your compliments on our blog.

  5. Myrorna is so amazing!! Very good value, I can never go there without buying anything. One in Göteborg has like 4 floors and once we saw a band playing at the 4th floor. I was amazed! Band in a shop!

    I like your pants and I hope your exams went well.

  6. heheh great post, nice to only have 2 exams left. good luck with that! i have 6 left 😦 a new one tomorrow. im not looking forward to it..

    love your pants!

  7. Oh j’adore ce fut, j’adore la chemise, j’adore la photo (et même le canapé)…
    Et bonne chance pour la fin de tes exams, allez y en a plus pour longtemps… Courage !

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