the beginning of the end

Found that funny notebook in a shop in Malmö


Tomorrow, last day of class,EVER. Hopefully.

Weird feeling though.

3 months of work to go thru.

awesome jay Brannan’s concert yesterday night w/ Gui



18 thoughts on “the beginning of the end

  1. thank you for the birthday wishes!

    what a neat notebook.

    what were you studying?

    i’m in the middle of deciding whether i should stay in my current degree. its a very tough decision!

    chelsea jade.

  2. Very cute! Is it just a notebook or is anything written in it? I’m assuming that you still have exams after finishing school – so good luck with them!

  3. i finished class forever on friday, its such a strange feeling isn’t it… kinda scary!! 😀 well done xx

  4. Thanks !! 🙂 And oh thanks for filling in for me ! I did know that it was eurovision tonight, but i didn’t now the result! i planned to watch it online, but i never got around to do it, i might see some clips later on 😛 I know, hihi- english and french- kinda cool. although i didn’t really like our swedish one this time hehe..
    hope ur having a good weekend ! 🙂

  5. Bon ben ça y est, this is the end…
    Je suppose que tu es soulagée.
    Et c’est quoi ces 3 mois de boulot à venir ? Pas de (vraies) vacances ?

  6. Hey Mo.. I hadn’t recvd the package till two weeks back…. but I’ve been away for a cpl of weeks… may be it came recently. But I hope you recvd mine?

  7. How adorable!
    Do you live in Malmö?
    I think I have been there on holiday, one year ago!

  8. Sounds like you’re keeping busy. Hope you had a good weekend. I have passed an award to you pls see my blog for details.

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