Redan helg…redan överhopad med arbete (if that makes any sense)

it’s wednesday and it’s a långhelg…it’ s great

But i have  sooooo many papers due by the end of the month i won’t be able to truly enjoy it

yes school is over but i still need to plugga

in my dreams…

i wanna go away…to the beach…and lay…



15 thoughts on “Redan helg…redan överhopad med arbete (if that makes any sense)

  1. Nice picture, I love the hat:) I also dream of going to the beach… Hopefully we’ll have some sun tomorrow:) Good luck with your schoolwork!

  2. aww, i love that photo. you look so cute in that dress:)
    oh yeah, i would love to hang on the beach, sunbath and just relaxe.. but i have my exams you know. looking forward to the summerholliday!

  3. love your hat and dress, such a gorgeous photo!

    so you’ve got summer and NO school?! this is too much jealousy for me to handle, i’ve got rain and exams.

    thank you very much for passing us that blog award too! 🙂

  4. Taaaack snälla du !!! 🙂 Ohhh, yes you have no idea how good it feels !
    Oh, thanks again !! but I don’t really see that it would be thaaat good haha 😛
    Oh my world- I loooove this photo !! ohhh, looks like something that could fit in to the amelie from montmartre movies !! (oh long time ago I saw it.. gotta see it again- it’s good hihi).. Anyway- love it – and u look great!

  5. Oh, I hope your weekend will be lovely despite all the studying! Enjoy the most of it anyway!

    I love that outfit – and the hat, especially 🙂

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