I was born to late….

I’m leaving this afternoon to go to my family in the east.

It’s my cousin’s communion…

I’m not into those religious stuff at all

but i’m totally into my family, so i’m super excited to see them

I spent the morning trying on dresses in front of mom

i was born too late

This one is not the one i’ll be wearing but i had totally forgotten about it so to apologize to “her” I decided i’ll make “her” a post (yes, dresses have feelings, and don’t get me started on shoes)

I love this 60’s style…. I definitly was born too late….ironicly in the back, it’s  a painting of me in 1990…i was four.   


14 thoughts on “I was born to late….

  1. Ohh thanks dear ! Yes, Fredagar är bäst 🙂
    Oh my, you look lovely- and so digg the 60s style of it ! I’m thinking Audrey hepburn here 🙂 And what a cutie in the picture back there too =)

  2. I often think I was born too late aswell.
    We oddly have a lot in common, my cousins are having their confirmation next week and I don’t believe in it either. And the clothing with feelings is a though of mine too, haha 🙂

  3. Wouah… cette robe est carrément magnifique… et te vas si bien…
    On dirait une robe P. Cardin ou Courrèges… dommage que ce ne soit pas celle que tu aies choisi au final…
    Bon séjour dans ta famille (tu as raison c’est important la famille).
    Bises et bon WE.

  4. I was born way too late too! And I know exactly what you mean about religion… and about family. I’m just the same!

    That dress is gorgeous. So sophisticated!


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