Too much

no im not quoting one of the hit of the Spice Girls, eventhough im not ashamed to say i was a fan.

it’s always the same on weekends with my family. It’s awesome. and it’s too much. Too much yelling (no fights, mostly kids playing), too much spending (2 new dresses, 2 new pair of shoes), too much of doing nothing, this weekend in particular too hot  and most importantly, way way way to much food.     

but then again…


14 thoughts on “Too much

  1. hahaha this post made me smile.
    I was a great fan of the spice girls and I also went to their “come back” concert last year 😛

  2. Haha- oh wow they did that? Scaaary !
    Well, It’s not that I wasn’t fascinated or anything, but I thought it would be more … “somethin 😛
    And hey- that makes us 2. The biggest Spice girl fan ever. (nahh, well maybe not- but singing and dancing to STOP! is something I used to love haha 😀 )

  3. Sounds like you’ve had a great weekend:) Some times I’m way more tired on Mondays than Fridays, weekends can really be hard…;)

  4. .. ” i neeed somebody with a human touch… Hey you.. ! ” Hhihi… 😀

    Yes, that’s true, I mean ofcourse I’m fascinated, I mean it is an interesting place and especially the escape- THAT I am really fascintated of. I mean, what a smart move!

  5. I confess, I like the Spice Girls too, shhhhhh.

    Yes, weekends can be chaotic when you spend it with so many people you love! And yes, I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment in that darling photo!

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