If you add a yellow bag you get the swedish flag

Blue…what a wonderful color. It’s, with Green, my favorite.

Here’s one of the dresses i bought this weekend.

It’s simple and so me. 

Belt or bow in the back, i can’t decide. 

It’s so fluid and soft.

and Blue.

the shoes are new too but more about that later. 

dress from la Halle aux vêtements, shoes from Besson,  Bag from blue Sand




im on a plane on my way to Sweden to surprise älskling !!!



16 thoughts on “If you add a yellow bag you get the swedish flag

  1. Oh, i hope you surprise your boyfriend, and that your trip was nice 🙂

    Love your dress, it fits you beautifully and i love the colour!

  2. Ohhh! How exciting! Do have fun 🙂

    Hahah, I always think of Sweden when I see a blue and yellow outfit 😉 The dress is magnificent!

  3. What a cute dress! And what a lovely surprise!!

    Oh no, Mo! I had no idea that you never ended up receiving yours! Have you sent mail to the US before? What about if I pair you with a US partner?

  4. Oh love thank you so much ! What a lovely comment of yours !! 🙂
    oh wow, you look great ! What a lovely dress- and so cute with the yellow purse 🙂
    iih,, how exciting you’re suprising him. How fun !
    Have a great weekend in Sverige !! ❤

  5. Alors ?
    Les retrouvailles ? 😉

    Cette robe bleue est so… whaou !
    J’adore la couleur et avec le mini sac jaune, c’est vraiment super mimi…

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