play me a song…

it’s only thursday and i feel like 2 weeks passed already. Not a minute for myself since i came back. 2 “goodbye parties” in a row  for my friend Cody going back to the mother ship after a semester in Paris. Work work work and tired tired tired. Can’t wait for the weekend… didn’t even have time to check on Roland Garros !  

That’s the second dress i bought 2 weeks ago… you can see it better here 🙂 



Dress: La Halle aux vêtements


12 thoughts on “play me a song…

  1. Thanks hhih 🙂 Yes, it’s a nice color ! I did, I saw her post, nice pictures indeed !
    It’s when I was a kid I totally had like really red, but now I odn’t know what it is haha.. and from all this sun now it’s soon blonde.. haha..
    Oh, I’m glad u had a better day ! 🙂

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