Why do you love summer?

Easy question. Many answers. 2 of them are obvious.



 The weather has been perfect this week and it appears like the weekend  will be sucky… then again i’ll be inside studying so who cares?



PS : Crispin is done w/ school and now more creative than ever !


8 thoughts on “Why do you love summer?

  1. ooh that look so yummy!!! i love strawberries, one of the best things with summer. I agree, it’s even better when the weather sucks when you have to study.. boring to sit in when its sunny and wonderful outside. Hope you’ll have a nice weekend, good luck with your studies.

    i’m going to relaxe and enjoy myselfe and have a calm weekend.. i often forget to translate my posts at my blog, im sorry. today the post is about my mum, it’s her birthday today – but im like 10hours away so i had to make her a nice post 🙂

  2. Mmmmmm strawberries! Well, if I wasn’t hungry before I looked at this post then I certainly am now!! 🙂

  3. Mmmm, that looks soooo good:) I love summer because of the sun, BBQ’s, boattrips, summerclothing…:) It’s the best time of year!

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