Busy bee weekend

Saturday was Sweden’s day,

sunday was mother’s day in France and “voting” day for the european  deputees elections and the french open final… 

So i wished a good day to älskling and all the Swedes, 

Crispin and i made a nice breakfast and gave mom a new bag,

i voted and i watched the final.  

update (june 8th: shame, shame on me, how could i forget to mention it was the D-Day commemoration and Obama was in Normandie ! April 22 ‘s comment was my waking up call…i suck.

 no need to mention that my attempt to write about the impact of micro credit on women in Africa was a total failure. oups.

But who care when you have new shoes w/ awesome see thru heels right?

blackheels   from Besson


15 thoughts on “Busy bee weekend

  1. Cute shoes! I’d like to say tht I need another pair of black heels, but, I just did a count and, well, um, I have 40 pairs of shoes. I don’t think I’ll need any for a while.

  2. I know about that election… but couldn’t take part since I’m only a little Canadian living in the UK.

    Nice new shoes, indeed!


  3. Elles sont démentes ces shoes… J’adore le talon!
    C’est vrai qu’en ce moment c’est un peu chargé question événements (élections, fête des Mères, commémoration D Day, finale Roland Garros (avec quand même un suédois, ça faisait longtemps 😉 ).
    Pfff, plus le temps de souffler…

  4. I know, soemtimes u just feel like doing a BIG change, not look like u always do.. but I’m the same, I’m to chicken.. and I honestly think I would regret it, deep down I down like BIG changes haha…

  5. oh are those black or blue? i really want some navy heels and it seems that no one makes blue heels i want (i prefer round toe and thick heel) yeah new shoes always makes everything ok 🙂

  6. A lot of things happening on Sunday, indeed. I hope your mum liked the bag you got her!

    And I really like those shoes – very chic.

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