10 things about you (me)

so i was bored out of my mind the whole week at work and of course on friday they all discovered i was sitting there and decided to give me stuff to do. Well. Better then being bored. I went to the mall for lunch…really boring mall Italie2, i grabbed a tiny sandwish and decided w/ myself “no dessert” today. I successfuly passed all the boulangerie on my way back but JUST at the door stupid “la laitière” was giving away free ice creams as a marketing event. Somehow i found myself in the queue and 2 sec later i was eating a delicious bluebarry ice cream. So much for my will power. 

What about this one i found on one wall in Malmö? We kinda have the same dress



2 things i wanna say today:

First, it might be stupid but i really want to thank you for your really nice comments cause i was felling kinda low tonight and reading them really made my day (+ the ice cream)

Then,  im proud to say i’ve been awarded by the lovely Daria and Willow  !!!  I feel really thankful, plus it’s a fun one (well if you like to read about my life….:-) )


The rules are:
1. Each blogger must post this rules
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts / habits about themselves.
3. Blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules.
4. Don’t forget to leave them comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

ookey now i’m tagging Ariella, victoria, anna, vilde, regine, marissa and elenalu… i don’t know how many you should tag..I wanna tag everyone  who’s nice enough (or crazy enough?) to read me !!!     


11 thoughts on “10 things about you (me)

  1. congratz on the award;D
    don’t worry about the will, tasty ice-cream are worth a try especially if they make u feel better and u want get fat from them anyway so just enoy;))) haha;D
    and i’m totally adicted to internet;/ i’m freaking out after one day without it;)))

  2. Haha, this was a fun read. Thanks for the tag – I’ll try to remember to do it!

    Oh, and thank you for telling me I could stay with you in Paris! That’s very sweet of you 🙂

  3. Et pourquoi moi on ne m’offre jamais de glaces quand je sors de la boulangerie, hein, pourquoi?

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  5. shot glasses! yes, i love collecting them too.

    cookies…definitely part of a six year old diet. i love cookies too, can’t live without them

  6. I totally agree with you with the internet issue. I don’t like to depend on anything but it seems to be the exception. *

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