Sometimes you just need to check the mail…

it’s one of those days. It’s an ok day. The weather is great, you like your outfit , work wasn’t “kill self” boring and you had raspberry for lunch.

But still something ‘s missing. That thing that will make your day.

Mine was in the mail. Waiting for me. It came all the way from New Zealand ! I never received anything from there in my life. It’s a first for my mailbox. It’s a package.

But WHAT A PACKAGE. It’s perfect in every way. It’s sober and so cute, so smart and so funny, so adorable and unique.

It’s from Chelsea Jade.

Some days ago she offered to anyone interested to send her EP. “This is about activity”. I really liked her blog and her beautiful pictures so i was sure her music would be interresting. little did i know then. 


I didn’t know the adventure would start while opening the package. I can’t describe what i felt when i saw all those adorable notes and drawings, i felt it was from a best friend writting just for me. 

Might sound cheesy but i feel really touched, and i guess it was the least  i can do to write this post. As a HUGE thank you for “making my day” ……


of course i listened to “This is about activity”  and it’s like the soundtrake your dreams are missing.




8 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to check the mail…

  1. aw!
    thank you for posting this!
    i’m so very glad you liked it!

    and for the record, i’ve never sent mail to paris so it was extremely exciting for me too!

  2. Oh I can totally understand the panic when the card didn’t work- and wow, when in need of gas. How aweful, really !!
    Oh, what a lovely post ! How sweet of her to send it to you !! 🙂 And yummie- raspberries for lunch- what an awesome lunch, hey 😀
    take care sweetie

  3. Ooooh, what a wonderful package to receive!! Mail like that is so rare.

    P.S. Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! I’m loving your blog, plus raspberries are hands down my fave fruit!!!

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