back again…

first of all, thanks for all the sweet comments about Mario 😉

Weekend was lovely, as usual, just sleeping, eating, and shopping…(oookey and watching High School Musical 3 but i kinda HAD to).

I of course, bought new stuff, mostly underwears this time…

Back to work today, but just until thursday, and on friday morning im flying to Malmö (well Copenhaguen)

yesterday night i was a waitress again for one night cause it was the Music Festival and my former boss needed extras, damn it was exhausting but so much fun to be back , and well…much money too 😉 

I’m a little disappointed i missed the Midsommar celabration in Sweden but  at least the sun is shinning and you can wear dresses again !



Dress stolen from Crispin’s closet

Belt stolen from Mom’s closet

Shoes from Besson (mine !)


13 thoughts on “back again…

  1. 🙂 Hihi.. Oh cool, yea midsummer was ok.. I mean, it’s nice to meet all the people and so one, but more than that- neeh, I don’t know haha.. but it’s was nice 😛
    Seems like u had a good weekend ! Great ! 🙂
    And Oh, lovely outfit dear!

  2. I hope Mario has the best birthday ever, and of course that you enjoy your family weekend. It sounds like you need some rest and relaxation after your busy schedule:)

  3. you know I’m moving to Lund this fall – I’m so hoping we can have a blogdate! Maybe a shopping-day in Cph?? 🙂


  4. Not sure how I missed this post, but you look so stunning!! What a beautiful outfit!!

    P.S. I added you to my link list!!

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