Malmö i mitt hjärta !

Girls (boys?), I’m back in Malmö for 12 days  !! woot woot ! I arrived on friday morning and didn’t even had time to rest, we were already on our way to Göteborg (beautiful city w/ lovely churches) to see the soccer “U-21” (under 21 for those who don’t know, like me)  european semi-final between Sweden and England. I said it already im absolutly not a soccer fan but the city was YELLOW, sooo many people were wearing the swedish jersey (including me, älskling actually made me change in the middle of the street, but it’s ok i had a nice bra 😉 )and there was so much excitement in the air that i kinda enjoyed myself !  Even if Sweden lost. Then we went to Lisaberg, the amusement park, it’s really adorable !    well….busy busy first vacation day !  Oh yeah i forgot to mention the weather is AWESOME !!!   can’t wait to go to the beach!



the very first thing i saw when i got off the train was the Metro newspaper saying ” Mickaël Jackson död inatt” I stood there in shock. My swedish is getting better.  


7 thoughts on “Malmö i mitt hjärta !

  1. thank uu 🙂 🙂
    yes I’ve heard sweden is kinda warm now. I do too I wish I had a pool at our house, would be the best!
    yes, isnt it weird that he’s dead…!

    Have a lovely weekend and time in malmö!!

  2. I’m so jealous! Sounds like you are having an awesome time. And I would love to go to the beach, it is the middle of winter here!

  3. haha, yes, I know right. U can’t get burned in sweden. Well, I have manymany times 😛 Hopefully yours wasn’t too bad!
    And yeees ! Pix will come 😀

  4. If you wanna have a nice sea bath, I advice you the beach at the west of Trelleborg (perhaps you already know about it ?)
    White light sand, pines, few people….it’s like heaven^^

    You have the swedish football jersey ? omg, I’m jealous !

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