Burnt by the sun…i’m a cooked raspberry

ok. So Sweden’s sun can burn you. I learnt my lesson. I look like a crayfish. No kidding.

Despite that, sunday was awesome, we drove to Ales Stenar (a place were Vikings put up big rocks in circle…),Ystad, we went to a beautiful sand beach, and passed some beautiful churches.

On monday we went to  one of the 2 Myrorna second hand shop….damn i love that place… I tried on a lot of stuff and got myself a pair of Tiger of Sweden jeans (apparently they are super expensive) for 5 euros, and a dress that can’t be described so I’ll try to post a pic as soon as i look human again (the dress is pink, and red and pink are not a perfect match).  

So i’ll just  show you how Crispin drew me !!!!! Finally a pic of me i like 😉



11 thoughts on “Burnt by the sun…i’m a cooked raspberry

  1. Aww, I don’t go red, I tan, but then it just flakes off – very sexy! Other than that, it sounds like your holiday is lovely! I know some beautiful churches, I happen to live in ‘The City of Churches’.
    Anyway, I hope your skin gets better so we can see the dress on you 🙂

  2. Oh Tack för din fina kommentar =Tack for your lovely comment 🙂 hihi
    Oh, I hope ur sunburn isn’t too bad, and that u can move and sleep without beeing in pain (that happens to me a lot haha)
    And oh do I love myrorna ! 🙂 Althought I’m no big fan of the ones in Stockholm- they r too expensive, and thats no fun

  3. That drawing is hilarious and adorable! I bet Sweden’s sun isn’t as bad as California’s though. I came home from the beach sunday looking like a tomato. dern scandinavian skin in california.

  4. Hah, I know how you feel, with the sunburn. It was almost 4 days ago that i got burnt and it still kind of hurts. But not as bad anymore, luckily. Cool that you went to Göteborg. Hope you had fun at Liseberg. We’re also going there one of these days but we’re just so busy. Tomorrow we’re going to Hultsfredfestival!

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