rule number 29675 : “don’t play w/ your food ! “

my sunburn is getting a little better 🙂  finally !

What a relaxing week i’m having, tuesday we went to the lake and just read and swam…  wednesday we went to Malmö and to the other Myrorna and  i found a really fun Coca Cola bag for Crispin, she’s a fan. In the evening we went to see “The Ice Age 3” and they still crack me up !!!! 

We had crêpes for dinner (that i made myelf 😉 )  and some crumbs had really fun shapes …



now we’re getting ready for a picnic in the woods !!!  



12 thoughts on “rule number 29675 : “don’t play w/ your food ! “

  1. Sigh, it sounds like you’re having a dreamy time!! I want to be doing what you’re doing!!

    Ha, love that picture of the crepe crumbs, very cool and creative.

  2. sounds nice with a picnic in the woods, i just came back from picnic on the beach with the whole family. everybody was in the sea, swimming as well. the weather is so nice here, love it 🙂 Hope you are doing fine, good to hear that your sunburn is better!! alo vera is good for it 🙂

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