Back to the future 3

so Back to the future is my favorite movie.

I know. it’s weird, but it’s the way it is.

I especially love the second one but the whole idea just rocks my world.

And the reason why i still didn’t take my driving licence test is only because it’s not possible to get a Flying Dolorean … yet.

So anyway, on friday 3rd, we decided to celebrate my bday way in advance cause älskling won’t be there on the 30th. And as a surprise he took me to this Wild West theme park. He said he took me there cause my trip to California w/ my family got canceled …how sweet !!  It was soooo adorable there! i had a blast playing the cow girl and the indian !!!! 

I just  have ONE QUESTION for you people, WHEN and WHY did we stop wearing hats and feathers?


 you can catch a glimpse of my new bag from La Halle aux vetements (as usual) 

14 thoughts on “Back to the future 3

  1. that headpiece is WOW, i agree bring back hats and feathers! no one really wears hats in sydney anymore 😦

    haha, no worries about the award, you gave us one already! 🙂 and your blog is always a fun read ^^

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a grand time 🙂 And I have no idea why we stopped! We should wear more crazy get-ups, I think. So much fun can be had from a feathered headdress or a pink wig or a cowboy hat 🙂

  3. Oh you look do cute with that feathers. ^^
    yes, boy bloggers are rare, but I know a few. x)

    kisses, bia.

  4. What a sweet guy!! I want to go play there!!

    You look too cute in your Indian Headdress! If there was one thing I wish people still wore, that would be hats, for both men and women!!

  5. Happy birthday, Mo!

    And about the feathered headdresses and why we don’t wear them: We sort-of pretty much killed everyone who wore them, effectively ending that elegant fashion trend, and opting instead for (probably very) itchy powdered wigs and tri-corner hats.

    Your people, however, have a pretty good record with the native peoples of North America, so I don’t mean “we” as in “you and I”, but a collective, fair-skinned “we”.

    If anyone can resurrect the feathered headdress as a fashion statement, however, it’s you! You look smashing!

  6. Love those Indian feathers on you! So fun!

    I used to watch Back to the Future quite a lot, and I liked it;D It was aired on the TV like at least once every 3 months;D

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