jag åker till Bretagne…och eat a lot of crêpes !



I’m off to Bretagne, to my oncle’s house to celebrate the 14th of July w/ my family ! it’s gonna be beach, beach, food, and markets 🙂 

But no internet so im sorry if i don’t write back to your nice comments this week ! But i’ll be back soon !!

Yes, i’ll have to go back to work and seriously start on my huge Master dissertation….sooo stressful. But the good news is..I MIGHT have had a job offer on friday…more on that later…

Here’s me and älskling ….not so many pic of him around here but i like this one cause we look like we’re going to prom or something…and since i never had a prom, at least i get a pic 😉 

plus, for once, i feel i look a little bit like a swede 😉 And actually, i’m taking my Swedish Grammar book w/ me on vacation…(everything but my dissertation !)

dress is my last year bday present from älskling, shoes from Besson 



8 thoughts on “jag åker till Bretagne…och eat a lot of crêpes !

  1. You two make a very gorgeous couple!! And yes, you look very Swedish here!!

    I hope you have a wonderful July 14th with your family and fingers crossed for your possible job offer!!

  2. Such lovely pictures – you are so pretty and your boyfriend’s very handsome.

    Ohh, and have fun in Brittany. I love crepes. Is it true that in Brittany they mostly eat crepes with lemon? Is that good? I’ve only ever had sweet crepes….

    Oh, and a little note – which I hope you don’t mind: you have to say “jag åker til bretagne” because “gå” only means to walk 😉

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