back och tack !

tack for still being “here” !!! I can’t believe how many post i have to catch up w/ !!!  Thanks for your nice comments and i’ll do my best to be better the coming weeks !!  La Bretagne was awesome of course (eating crêpes and walking by the sea can’t be otherwise) but 22 people + 7 dogs under one roof can be kinda crazy !!!  Mom says im tanned, Crispin says i’m orange … that sounds…weird. Elio discovered the sand, the sea, dogs and kids and he seemed to enjoy it ! 

I’ll upload my pictures later but now, one award i received while i was gone, from lovely Anna, i m so happy !! thank you so much !!!

blog award2

I’m passing it to very nice “new” raspberry freaks :

Elly, C. Elizabeth and Ashley 🙂

and a while ago, I’ve been tagged by  magdarling , you’re supposed to show the place from where you blog….I guess it’s mostly from the tiny “chair” on the floor in the tv room 🙂


I’m tagging all of you on this one cause it’s fun to see 😉

and..coming soon..2 new dresses 😉

8 thoughts on “back och tack !

  1. haha so cute with the chair and that cool painting 🙂
    we will get to it, (i.e. cleaning up ) so that our blogging places look remotely presentable =_=”!!

  2. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time, but I’m glad you’re back- I’ve missed your posts!!!

    Ha, 22 people + 7 dogs under one roof would be crazy but really fun!!

  3. That seems like a comfortable place to blog considering you have a laptop and the paiting is adorable by the way!

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