so what’s up?

well, i didn’t do anything and it was great, we took really long walks by the beach but i was not brave enough to swim though !! BB

I wore some of my dresses and my family started to call me “BB”…as a joke i guess…  remember BB?

Brigitte jupebleueBardot…yeah right.All i actually accomplished was reading.

I read the first Twilight….damn i didnt like it. I felt this Bella girl is totally dumb and this flying vampire dude pathetic. But that’s just my point of view of course. I guess it’s because when i read i can’t help picturing the actors they picked for the movie (that i didn’t see) and i really don’t like them…either.

I also learn some swedish verbs, I tried 10 a day but it was a lot for my goldfish memory….



6 thoughts on “so what’s up?

  1. Your outfits are lovely!! You really do look like BB in that pink gingham dress, too cute!!

    I love spending vacations just reading. So relaxing!

    I’m terrible at learning languages, so I applaud your efforts.

  2. I love your outfits, the dress is sooooo pretty. Glad you had a nice relaxing time, often those are the best kind of holidays.

  3. Ha, I didn’t like Bella either. I thought Twilight on the whole was badly written tosh that was much too serious. Still, it was an easy enough read so only a little time was wasted. And yeah, the movie was WORSE than the book (the part in the book where Edward steps into the sun? In the movie he glitters pathetically. I thought he would have BEAMS of light shining off him, but no. He glitteres. Pathetically. Like a little delicate flower. *pulls face*)

    Glad your holiday is going well! 🙂

  4. I read the first Twilight in 8th grade and was in love with it, but before I went to see the movie when it came out, I re-read it…and fell out of love with it. I guess with age comes realization that these vampire love stories aren’t all that great and so not realistic at all. Swedish verbs! That’s so cool (:

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