candy cane and cotton candy dress !!


I always dream of  spending my days at a fair, eating candy canes, cotton candies and Pommes d’Amour, my favorite,

riding the beautiful, shiny and colorful horses on the merry go round,

pulling a string and winning a little stuffed friend…. 

unfortunatly for me i’m 22, 23 so soon and i heard im getting to old for these stuff… 

well, last week, i found myself a dress that make me feel like I AM the cotton candy ! Na !   


I know, it’s crazy pink, but what’s the hell…I LOVE PINK.

And for my defense, my hair looks…well, like this cause i went to the swimming pool for lunch today 🙂 


18 thoughts on “candy cane and cotton candy dress !!

  1. oohh I’ve misses soo much of ur updates ! But now I’m back on track again 😛
    U look great sweetie! And Pink is the best color EVER ! 😀

  2. you look gorgeous in that pink dress! I love pink too:) Love love love the ribbons on the dress!

    and like you said in your comment, we’re never too old for the things we like!

  3. Woo for candy coloured dresses! 🙂 If you can rock it (which I think you can) then you totally SHOULD wear it! Yeah!

  4. That dress is gorgeous! What a lovely color, and such a flattering cut and style!

    I am so bummed about the packages! I wonder what went wrong?

  5. Your dress is so much fun!! I adore the bright pink color and bow details!!

    It looks awesome with your tan!

    You are never too old for the merry go round and cotton candy!

  6. Actually, do you have another address that I can send it to? Since the address you’ve been using has been seemingly problematic with the mail, perhaps if I sent it to another address, we might have more luck? A friend’s address, perhaps? Family address? Work address?

  7. no, I’m acctually extending for another year… I was hoping to go back for christmas to visit, but I don’t think I can afford it now… :/ but maybe, maybe 😛

  8. I’m a bit older than you, and I’ll never stop going to fairs and amusement parks, I think, even if some people might think I am too old. Who cares what other people think? We have a right to have fun 🙂

    That dress is such a cute dress and one that instantly makes you happy!

  9. Hihi, I know, Another year! And yepp, with the same family- I like them so much, so I feel no need to change.
    I do miss them a lot right now though. Especially my friend, now when she just left. That is really sad, but I’ll get through it

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