is it tea time yet?

I’m reading this book, The winds of change, by Martha Grimes, it takes place in England and her characters keep drinking tea, all the freaking time, they talk for 10 min, a cup of tea, they take care of the garden, a cup of tea, they wake up, 10 cups of tea… and now i want tea. What’s tea time exactly? like 5pm ?  Cause im freaking ready!


Crispin found that cup of tea today and gave it as a present to mom, mom must have some british blood, she drinks tea all the time and in very big cups…not as big as this one though !


13 thoughts on “is it tea time yet?

  1. Oh my! That is the cutest tea cup ever, gives such an alice in wonderland feel~

    I love drinking tea, I had it almost everyday when I was in the UK:)

  2. omg what a bizarre dream!! ahhaha an 8 hour concert!? hope it was good! haha thats awesome

    lovely photo btw, that teacup is so fun!
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  3. Ha, I’m currently reading a book that takes place in England and they’re always drinking tea. I started craving tea so much, that I went out and bought some! Oh, the power of books.

    You look lovely. Adore the humongous tea cup and saucer!

  4. haha, seems like a booring novel? hehe 😀
    nice cup, big enough i guess. i drink tea all the time too.. maybe i’m related to your mum 😀 hehe..

    hope you are well, and that you’ve had a nice summer so far 🙂

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