what’s your favorite movie?

yesterday, my friend Elsa and I celebrated our bday , late for her and in advance for me (still 4 days ). We decided on a movie theme, people had to dress up as the character of one of their favorite movies…


Crispin and i spent the day cooking and decorating the garden, it was fun but so much work ! For one of the first time of my life i actually cooked  !!!  And people seemed to like it !!!!!   Crispin baked of course, and it looked (and tasted) awesome as usual !!  it was really nice and fun to have all my friends at once at my place but a little tough to be able to talk to everyone !

I got super nice and cute presents  ! 


here are just some, btw, in the tube it’s raspberry sugar !! how awesome is that?


How was i dressed up???? take an easy guess 🙂

here are some clues…





now i’m exhausted and i’m seriously considering a nap…

o yeah, and we had Brad Pitt as a barman 😉brad   

10 thoughts on “what’s your favorite movie?

  1. happy (early) birthday?! haha, we’ll wait four days and say it again!! 😀 your presents are SO SWEET, that cupcake book and little men book are adorable ^^

    is it back to the future? 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Mo!!

    I love the movie Hocus Pocus and watch it every Halloween. The movie was actually filmed in the town I live in, even on my current street!!

    If you don’t mind, send me an email, so I can properly write you back: mariaconfer@gmail.com.


  3. hihi yea I know.. It’ll be awesome 😀
    Oh how fun-
    Happy Birthday- in advance 🙂
    =Grattis på födelsedagen- i förskott 🙂

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