C’est l’heure du goûter?

In english,  “le goûter” has always been a major issue for me.

I can’t find a translation that satisfies me.

“le goûter” in french is when you come home from school at 4.30pm when you’re a kid, and you sit at the kitchen table and eat Nutella toast (lick the Nutella from the toast would be more accurate for me) and drink juice.

As you grow up unfortunatly, your goûter is getting smaller and smaller…in order not to get fatter and fatter i guess…

Anyway, i don’t have goûters anymore but still, around 4.30pm i always like to have some tea or something… and that day i had a lovely little cupcake Crispin made 🙂


the skirt is super old & i don’t remember where i got it, the top is from bluesand in Milano and the hair band i got for my bday from my friend Tita   

I’ll be back on saturday girls !!!


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