my life changed in exactly 2 days

well well well, turns out :

im moving to Stockholm!!!!!!


A swedish love story

 pics from here


 For at least 1 year,maybe 2, on september 14 or so!!!!!!!!!  I just CANT believe it !!!!  I  received a call on wednesday, i got the interview friday morning and at 6 pm i was “IN” !!!!!  OMG OMG there’s so much to do !!!!   

I’ll be working in the cultural departement of the French Ambassy. Dealing w/ students who wanna study in France. No need to say it’s my dream job so im pretty excited. Eventhough it’s kinda scary and I had to cancel my trip to Seattle to visit my dear Sash…

I’m sorry for this post, im just too super excited, i just wanted you to know…  I’ll try to organize my thoughts and write something better later !!!!!!    Now i just have exactly 3 weeks to be ready !!! 

12 thoughts on “my life changed in exactly 2 days

  1. Oh thank u sweetie- I’ve missed yours too!
    And OMG R u serious !! HOW FUN IS THAT ! Wohoo.. I’m so excited for you- I love Stockholm ! =)

  2. Oh wow that really sound super super exciting! Everything new is scary but I”m sure you could handle it:)

    Congratulations to you!!

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