so im still not over it. I can’t get myself to do anything when there is so much to do. Wanna know what i spent my morning on?  a new banner for my blog…. OMG MO wake up !

But honestly im gonna need some changes around here, i assume some family and friends will wanna follow my new Swedish life so i’ll have to write in english & in french…and who knows one day pa svenska … (in my dreams).  

to totally change subject, here’s a pic from my new dress…. i love it love it love it 🙂 Pour changer totalement de sujet, ma nouvelle robe que j’aiiiime :


Ok, im not quite sure why but i I thought some of you  might interrested in the kind of questions they asked at the interview (i know i always like to check some questions before interviews) so here is a little summury of the 1h interview i got :

1) I had to introduce myself and my studies/ se présenter et expliquer son cursus :  

Then they (they were 2) just talked about the job and asked if i had questions…. 🙂 Puis ils ont parlé du poste en lui même.

  • why i choose this bachelor, this master ? ( in english)  Pourquoi cette licence, pourquoi ce master ? (en anglais)

2) then (in french) they asked a bunch of questions about my work experience / puis, en français, des questions sur mon experience pro :

  • which experience was the best and why? Quelle fut ma meilleure experience? 
  • which on was the worst? why? Quelle fut ma pire experience? Pourquoi?
  • How did i react to the conflict situation? how would i react to it now, being more mature? Comment j’ai réagit à une situation conflictuelle? Comment je réagirais maintenant avec l’experience?
  • im a a fast learner? Do i learn by doing? Est ce que j’apprends vite? Sur le tas?
  • do i have experience in organizing events? How? Est ce que j’ai déjà organiser des évênements? Lesquels?
  • Did i work w/ a team? How did i handle it? Est ce que j’ai travaillé en equipe? Comment?
  • what would i bring to the job? Why me? Quelle est ma valeur ajoutée pour le poste?
  • Do i have other jobs offer? Est ce que j’ai d’autres offres ?

Then just talked about the job and asked if i had any questions…  YES : when can i start? 🙂

17 thoughts on “I’m so UNPRODUCTIVE

  1. You are totally stunning in that dress. Just Gorgeous!!

    I’m still so excited for your upcoming move! Your job sounds very interesting. I always thought it would be so cool to work in an Embassy!


  2. Oh I love your new dress too! You look gorgeous with your hair like that, you have to teach me how to do it!!

    So happy for you and your move, must be so exciting:)

  3. you look gorgeous in that dress!

    I always get so nervous at job interviews, but you obviously handled it like a pro – after all, they hired you!

    relax, do things one step at a time and before you know it you’ll be all ready 🙂

  4. This is such an exciting new chapter of your life! What made you want to go there?

    I have to say, you look totally fabulous! That white dress is so beautiful and I agree that your hair looks fantastic.


  5. You look stunning! That;s an amazing dress:))

    And thanks for sharing those interview questions, I always forget the questions they ask me on interviews;))

  6. Gosh, that is absolutely amazing that you’re moving to Stockholm! How exciting! Congrats, dear!

    Is your boyfriend also moving to Stockholm then? Congratulations again 😀

  7. Cute dress! I love white dresses. whenever I get excited about something I have a really hard time focusing on everything else I have to do too. But you have a good excuse 😉

  8. so nice to meet you…love your adorable blog…just came over from lulu letty…what a lovely interview you had with her…your white dress is amazing! off to visist your blog for a while…oh I adore your sweet puppie!

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